• DeviceService API changes

  • Trip model changes

  • Bug fixes and improvements

  • AppMisuse Changes

Breaking changes

  • Removed enum classDeviceService.ActivationMode

    • In DeviceService activate() no longer support activationModeparameter

  • Following changes to the Trip model has been made.

    • vehicleIdfield of type String? has been moved inside vehicle field of type Vehicle.

  • AppMisuse changes

    • package name changed from to

    • ImsHeartbeatManager renamed to AppMisuseManager

    • HeartbeatServerType renamed to AppMisuseServerType

    • enableHeartbeat renamed to enableAppMisuse

    • sendLoginHeartbeat renamed to sendLoginEvent

    • sendLogoutHeartbeat renamed to sendLogoutEvent

    • disableHeartbeat renamed to disableAppMisuse

    • sendAppLaunchHeartbeat renamed to sendAppLaunchEvent

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