Here is a summary of the changes, fixes, and additions in IMS SDK release 1.17:

New Features

Awareness Trip Detector

  • TripDetector.AWARENESS

  • New trip detector for improve results

  • To use, the Google Awareness API must be enabled in the Google Cloud Console

    • See: Using TripDetector.AWARENESS

Breaking Changes

  • Callback interfaces have been converted to Kotlin. This affects existing code using Callback, ResultCallback, and MonitorCallbacks. See: Migrating from 1.16 to 1.17

Other Changes

  • Multiple improvements for better overall trip detection and recording.

    • Better geofence detection around the parked vehicle

    • Fixed false trip reported in device-only (wedge) mode with no associated devices

    • Always includes phone info (800) trip record

    • Improved switchover between pre-trip and in-trip detectors and monitors.

    • Additional logging and status checks

  • Improved Bluetooth performance with wedge

  • Log fixes

    • Fixed duplicated log messages

    • Significant reduction of device and geofence log messages during trip

    • Fixed rare concurrent modification issue during startup

  • Driving Summary kmOfDriving is now correctly reported as km not meters

  • User service now supports user roles

Known Issues

  • The use of TripTelemetry.ACCELEROMETER, TripTelemetry.GYROSCOPE, TripTelemetry.GRAVITY, TripTelemetry.USER_ACCELERATION, or TripTelemetry.MAGNETOMETER may cause out-of-memory or stack overflow issues. We strongly recommend not using these telemetry options until the next release.

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