Here is a summary of the changes, fixes, and additions in IMS SDK release 1.15.0:

Breaking Changes

  • At the time of initialization of SDK, to use phone only or bluetooth trip validation, host app can pass Feature.PhoneOnlyValidation or Feature.DeviceValidation respectively to use the validation features.


  • The elements of ScoringService and TripScores API are marked as optional and has additional components.


  • Ability to pass the push notification token from the host application to the DriveSync® server so that IMS can push notifications to user's device outside of the app.

  • Log files are uploaded every 24 hours by default unless `stopScheduledLogUploader()` is called by the host app. The intervalHours can be changed while calling `startScheduledLogUploader(withIntervalHours)` and pass in the intervalHours host app wants.

***NOTE:*** If the passed IntervalHours is 0 then the logs will be uploaded every 15 minutes interval.


  • New components have been added to the User API, and one of them is EnrollmentModelType, which allows the host app to use a specific type of trip detection.

  • EnrollmentModelType has two values:

MOBILE_FLEXIBLE -> Phone Only Trip Detection User


  • New configuration features added for trip validation:

PhoneOnlyValidation - validates the start and end of the trip using phone only capabilities (CoreLocation, CoreMotion).

DeviceValidation - validates start and end of the trip by discovering the associated nearby devices.


  • Frameworks are distributed as .xcframework files.

Known Issues

  • The log uploader doesn’t upload logs on intervals if the app is killed.

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