Here is a summary of the changes, fixes, and additions in IMS SDK release 1.17:

New Features

  • Beta version of new app misuse sender for automated app status tracking. Please contact IMS if you would like to use this feature.

  • Added user data elements to UserService.

Breaking changes

  • New frameworks must be added to the project. For more information on the list of new frameworks please check this page.

  • To migrate to SDK v1.17 please ensure the following have been completed first

    • DriveSync server upgraded (Contact IMS)

    • Create a push notification certificate and send it to IMS.

      • For this please see this page.


The SDK 1.17 release focuses on code quality, logging, reliability and performance improvements:

  • Additional logging (log messages improvements)

  • Significant improvements over location and geofence system

  • Trip detection fixes and improvements

  • UserService API has been updated to accept more parameters for expansions. Please check the updated User API for more details.

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