Here is a summary of the changes, fixes, and additions in IMS SDK release 1.15:

Breaking Changes

  • None

New Features

  • Scoring average supports additional component scores for abc and usage types where provided by the DriveSync server configuration.

  • The host app has now access to DataCollection, Enrolment and Scoring types for the user.

  • The SDK can now use Bluetooth devices to detect the end of a trip when the speed is low and the device was not detectable for 30 seconds.

  • Trip End detection can now be done exclusively through bluetooth. You can configure the SDK to detect, validate and end trips using bluetooth only. As with the validation, we support both phone only and bluetooth for this configuration. IMPORTANT: we use the same flags for both validation and end detection.

  • Apps can now modify the Trip Manager configuration at runtime using the DsTripManager.configureTripManager() method. This means that you can configure the SDK based on user types or user preferences.Apps still must initialize the configuration during the application's onCreate() method.

  • Made some changes to trip end detection for mobile only trip detection. Users should see improved stop times and reduction of split journeys.

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