1.16.0 -> 1.17.0

Breaking changes

Additional new modules that need to be imported now, but no migrations or further changes are required. The new modules are as follows:

Note: The initialization of the SDK still remains same.

  • Primitives

  • IMSInterfaces

  • IMSPermissions

  • Devices

  • Bluetooth

  • IMSAppMisuse (Please contact IMS if you would like to use this feature.)

For more detailed information on the new frameworks. Check this page.

After upgrading to SDK 1.17.0, host app must need to register for push notifications service and upgrade the DriveSync server for trip detection.

  • For a detailed guide to use the push notification feature, please refer to this page.

  • Contact IMS to upgrade the DriveSync sever.

    • Note: The server upgrade is required to utilize the push notification service.

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