Here is a summary of the changes, fixes, and additions in IMS SDK release 1.16:

Breaking Changes

  • The SDK is changing to a configuration-based model. Apps will soon be able to configure the SDK once and forget about it instead of having to configure and initialize it every time. To do this we need to revise the initialization process

    • Refer to the migration guide for sample code.

New Features

  • Trip manager configuration and SDK initialization have changed: See Breaking Changes

    • Trip manager can now be configured with no detector(s) and/or validator(s), such as for when your app controls trip start and stop programmatically.

    • The trip manager now uses separate, explicit flag types for trip detectors and validators, and the trip notification factory now uses functions with explicit names.

  • User queries now return a list of the vehicle IDs associated with each user. The full list is available through User.vehicles, the list of vehicles owned through User.vehiclesOwned, and the list of vehicle operated through User.vehiclesOperated

  • Retrieving scoring average and aggregate by vehicle

  • Retrieving discount by vehicle

  • Fixed a runtime crash with distracted driving if user revokes phone status permission between trips on Android 12 and later

Known Issues

  • Recent changes in Google's play-services-location library can cause problems with SDK 1.16 and earlier. You should restrict the version to no later than 20.0.0:

    implementation ''
  • ProGuard/R8 If you are using SDK Bluetooth (Device) libraries, you need to add this line in your proguard-rules file : -keep class** { *; }

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