1.20.0 -> 1.21.0

Breaking changes

  • VehicleID parameter in associateDevice API has been renamed from toVehichleId to toVehicleId

import Devices

IMSDeviceManager.associateDevice(bluetoothDevice, toVehicleId: nil)
  • The trip detection enable api has been modified

import TripDetectionUmbrella

let tripDetectionManager = TripDetectionManager(identity: identity,
                                                uploadRoute: uploadRouteType
                                                telemetryEvents: telemetryEvents,
                                                features: features)
tripDetectionManager.enable { (state, date) in
    switch state {
    case .potentialTrip:
        log.d("Potential trip at \(date)!")
    case .confirmedTrip:
        log.d("Confirmed trip at \(date)!")
    case .endedTrip:
        log.d("Trip ended at \(date)!")
    @unknown default:
        log.e("Error fetching trip states with date!")

For more details on TripDetectionManager arguments, check here.

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