• Support for Named Driver in portal

  • Bug fixes and improvements

New features

  • Named driver api and Scoring api with vehicle id

  • AppMisuse:

    • The SDK is in charge of enabling and disabling the AppMisuse feature.

      • ImsHeartbeatManager has the required calls to enable, disable the AppMisuse feature.

        • ImsHeartbeatManager.enableHeartbeat()

        • ImsHeartbeatManager.disableHeartbeat()

        • ImsHeartbeatManager.sendLoginHeartbeat()

        • ImsHeartbeatManager.sendLogoutHeartbeat()

        • ImsHeartbeatManager.sendAppLaunchHeartbeat()

Breaking changes

  • ImsTripManager.configuration is nullable now

  • ImsTripManagerInitializer is removed

  • deviceId for DsDevice is mandatory now

  • User in portal has a new property called Account

    • userId is available in that property

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