Import the SDK

The IMS SDK React Native Wrapper is a private pub package containing public API implementations for interacting with the portal device API and the trip detection manager.

To add it to your project you need to add the following lines to the package.json of your application:

    "dependencies": {
        "ims-react-native": "git+https://[YOUR_GITHUB_TOKEN]"

You need to replace YOUR_GITHUB_TOKEN with the token you create on the GitHub. See how to do this here.

The ims-react-native module must be installed before using any other IMS service.

Then run the following command inside your project folder:

npm install

After installing the package do not forget to update the Pod for iOS. To do this, go to the ios folder and run following command:

pod install

Also you have to import the SDK on iOS and Android. Please check these pages to import the SDK for specific platform.


iOS Setup

In the terminal, run the following command inside your project's ios directory:

pod install --repo-update

Android setup

Make sure that you have added the IMS maven repository to the build.gradle file in your project's android directory:


allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven {
            url ''
            name 'GitHubPackages'
            credentials {
                 username your_login
                 password your_password

This will allow Gradle to find and download the necessary native IMS SDK libraries.

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